This section of the website is a mini electronic store of prototyping electronic resources made readily available to the Hackathon teams. In case any team are sufficiently advance in their prototyping that they need electronic resources, they may find the resource useful. The purpose is to reduce the delay in sourcing such components, which may be difficult locally in Hong Kong. Purchase online may take 1-2 days if not available locally. Given the limited time available for prototyping, it is unlikely that a very sophisticated function prototype is possible, but the resources are available to allow technical feasibility test if that is needed.

A few Arduino Packages with the following components are available for teams to use as needed. (Components from this Arduino Pack are available to all without needing to calculate the cost).

Information related to the electronic resources can be found at the URL links:

Raspberry Pi -

Arduino -

Sensors -

Micropython -

Photon -

RS online -

Adafruit -

In addition, you may find the following user guides useful (containing various example and codes):

Arduino UNO Package User Guide and Examples [click here to download]

Arduino R3, MEGA and NANO Driver FAQ [click here to download]

37 Commonly Used Sensor Kit Tutorial [click here to download]

If you need any help or question, please ask Professor Paul Cheung ( He is also at the Hackathon venue most of this week.

Arduino Uno R3 Starter Kit Package List
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Stacks Image 21037
Stacks Image 21039
Stacks Image 21041
Stacks Image 21057
Stacks Image 21047
Collection of Sensors available for use (cost US$1.5 each)
Stacks Image 21049
Stacks Image 21051

In addition, the following special resources are also made available on-site. It falls into following collections: Raspberry Pi Series, Arduino Series, Sensors Series and PyBoard IoT Series, Photon IoT Series. In addition, you may use various 3D printers available in the Robotic Lab. The price provided are indicative to assist you in calculating the cost of your prototype, but may not be accurate. It is NOT what will be charged! (Components are available for free.)

For list of available resource, click HERE to download.