Hackathon Participants from Stanford

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Hirra ALI (Team 1)

I am very lucky to have found my passion as a surgeon, using my trained hands to impact patient's lives for the better is what gets me out of bed every morning. I believe medtech amplifies this passion by fostering creative solutions to established problems which lead to improved outcomes not just for my patients but populations of patients.

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Alex SEVIT (Team 2)

I recently received my Master’s degree in Bioengineering from Stanford University. Half of my time there I spent in the research lab synthesizing novel nanoparticles for extended drug delivery applications. The other half of my time, I worked in the d.school investigating improvements to healthcare from a patient-centered perspective. 

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Charles LEE (Team 3)

I am currently an MD student at Stanford School of Medicine (specializing in Informatics & Data Driven Medicine), and my passion, skills, and vision align well with those of DreamCatchers Medtech Hackathon. Through my role as a consultant for the Stanford Healthcare Consulting Group (SHCG) and a project leader of the Stanford Healthcare Innovations and Experiential Learning Directive (SHIELD) program, I identified many areas for improvement in healthcare delivery and led numerous initiatives to improve the hospital’s operations. 

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Kuang Ting CHENG (Team 4)

I'm a medical doctor who also studied design in graduate school. As a doctor, I have experiences in rehabilitation, family medicine, general medicine, and cosmetic medicine for several years. I took care of many patients with chronic diseases, especially stroke. I learned how to work in a team smoothly with people with different specialty and personality.

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Nel GANDHI (Team 5)

I currently lead VascTrac, an entrepreneurial research venture, and have completed my 2nd year of the M.D. program. Digital Health and Medical Device Technologies are the key areas I am passionate about. I am interested in finding ways to improve patient engagement with healthcare outside the hospital. How do we improve outcomes, make proactive measures to engage multiple parties into their health, and reduce the cost burden? I believe in a strong need-based solution and I am excited to understand the Hong Kong healthcare system to find key needs.

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Charles LU (Team 6)

I am a student at Stanford University working on a B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Statistics. My primary focuses are machine learning and blockchain (the rapidly developing technology behind bitcoin). I am currently doing applied machine learning and geospatial/time series data science work in the Jackson lab at Stanford, working on issues related to soil carbon and groundwater. I've also interned at Facebook and Amazon in the past three summers. Finally, I have been very involved in blockchain technology and community since shortly after the invention of bitcoin and I'm currently the president of the Stanford Bitcoin Club.

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Jonathan MAK (Team 7)

I am a sophomore at Stanford University studying Electrical Engineering, and am planning on concentrating within bioelectronics. I have participated in Treehacks, and am currently involved with SHIFT, Stanford’s health centered software club, and led as an iOS development TA. 

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Caroline YU (Team 8)

I have over 6 years of experience in both the basic and clinical aspect of research attempts to better understand, diagnose, and treat disease processes such as epilepsy and Parkinson's. I also have some experiences with various healthcare models, including managing a specialty clinic at the Cardinal Free Clinics, and going through various inpatient and outpatient clinical rotations at Stanford, Kaiser, VA, and the Santa Clara Valley Hospitals.

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Shirley CHEN (Team 9)

I am a Biomedical Computation major, a discipline that integrates biology and computer science. I am passionate about medicine and using technology to solve and better understand human health. In fall quarter, I applied my design thinking and teamwork skills to create a volunteer platform for an Indian NGO.

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Cara LAI (Team 10)

I graduated from MIT in 2016 with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Literature, with a focus on the development of medical devices. At MIT, I took several product design courses specifically tailored toward device design and development. I am familiar with implants and tissue engineering, as well as designing broader metrics for use in a hospital system. I am currently a student at Stanford's School of Medicine, where I am doing Qualitative Research as well as working on Quality Improvement initiatives within the hospital.

Hackathon Participants from Hong Kong

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Eunice LEE (Team 1)

I am a biochemistry and computer science major student. Hope that my skills and experience from both disciplines will be helpful in bringing in new ideas to the team.
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Yage ZHANG (Team 1)

I am currently a Year 1 M.Phil. Student from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, HKU, under the supervision of Dr. Anderson Shum at the HKU Soft Matter and Microfluidics Lab. I am now conducting research in liquid marbles which may be applied in drug delivery and microfluidic technology based on their non-stick, hydrophobic profiles.

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Jacky FU (Team 2)

Graduated from mechanical engineering in the University of Hong Kong, I am currently a research assistant in a lab focusing on surgical robot. I keen on building robots and mechanical prototypes for different surgery, such as endoscopy and neurosurgery.

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Justine Di-Lang HO (Team 2)

I am a MSc(Eng) student in Mechanical Engineering at HKU with a Bachelor's degree in Mechatronic Engineering. My current research focus on the area of medical robotics and how to best assist surgeons in their complex operations.

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Yu Ting LAU (Team 3)

I was an engineering science student with double major in Medical Engineering and Biochemistry in my undergraduate study, therefore is used to and capable of multidisciplinary communication. I have also worked in biochemistry lab and tissue engineering lab, therefore I am familiar with experiment techniques, design and analysis.

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Johnson ZHANG (Team 3)

Wireless Fall Detection and Variants has appealed many researchers, several prototypes have been built, for example, see WiTrack by M.I.T.. These can be used for localizing and detecting fall of the elderly, which requires no on-body devices. We may base on this idea and explore the use in crowded environment, e.g., hospital, where more functions on top of fall detection, e.g., patient localization can be researched and implemented.

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Nan MENG (Team 4)

I am second year PhD student of HKU. My major is computer vision. I am proficient in programming and I am a web developer and a data scientist. I made my personal website, and hold a project on the webpage. I am familiar most of the popular language like python, matlab, java, c++, html, css, javascript, latex, and so on. My current research is also relative to bioimaging - mankind cell classification, which detect and identify different cells using machine learning and deep learning methods. I have about a year doing MRI research in college.

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Syed Abdullah NAZIR (Team 4)

This is my final year of undergraduate study at HKU. For last two years, I have been working on research projects in robotics, some of them funded under ITF. The projects mainly focused on robot deployment in supermarkets to automate the tasks. We have focused on soft gripper technology to offer more flexibility and avoid damage to target objects. My worked has mainly focused on algorithm developments in object recognition, motion planning (include grasp planning) and the likes. 

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Pearl ZHANG (Team 5)

Prior to medicine, I have completed four years of studies with Biomedical Sciences in HKU. During the time, I devoted myself not only to academics, but also medical research. I have worked in various labs, e.g. molecular genetics, sleep and depression, to expose myself to a range of scientific fields. Longing to integrate my compassion to help and ability in scientific inquiry, I am now pursuing a lifelong education and career in medicine.

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Happy XU (Team 3)

I have an entrepreneur experience when I was a undergraduates in Shanghaimy start up called Ifruitlife which do a healthy diet website and selling fruits to help students to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. I join Hong Kong X investment platform and learn more about tech start ups, and want do some change to improve people's life.

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Juwon LEE (Team 6)

An engineer in practice but an entrepreneur at heart, I've always loved the process of combining creativity and technology to solve problems. When I found out our high school's energy usage was getting uncontrollably high, I bought solar cells and assembled them to make solar phone chargers on school hallways. When I was inspired by a robot arm helping out disabled people, I started pursuing biology minor and learning micro-controller programming with arduino, getting into the university robotics team.

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Sheshan AARON (Team 7)

I am a part-time masters student at HKU. I work full-time as a software engineer for a video transcoding and streaming company. I have 4.5 years experience as a software engineer. I have worked academically on usability for wearable technologies and underwater robots and worked professionally on automation testing software and video transcoding and streaming software.

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Franco CHAN (Team 8)

I am both competent in business and engineering skills. I possess project management skills as the HKU Solar Car Team Manager. I was involved in the industry as intern at EPD and a R&D intern in ASMPT before. These experience made me familiar with the R&D environment and the latest technology in sustainability.

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Yuk Heng TANG (Team 9)

I expertise in microfluidics, from chip design, to biological applications. I am interested in translating microfluidic to point-of-care medical devices - a portable tiny device that consumes trace amount of samples.

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Stephen BRUEGGEMANN (Team 10)

My PhD studies are at the intersection of Psychology and Machine Learning. I have both a Master's degree in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence. I have been involved in a number of deep learning projects where I lead projects from the beginning until production.

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Yun Wen CHU (Team 10)

I am currently a year 3 biomedical engineering undergraduate student. I have gone through engineering training, an integrated project as well as a curriculum lab course thus I possess a diverse set of engineering skills. Such include designing electric circuits, printing PCBs, soldering and wiring.

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Andrea Yee Ting LEE (Team 1)

From high school to University, I am glad that I have come into some great opportunities which allows me to play both the role of leader and participants in a team. Entering the clinical year this year, I get a lot more chance to see patient in the ward, and the more interaction I have with them, the more I am inspired on how might some new technology might benefit them, in terms of quality of life & physical health improvement.

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Janice LAW (Team 2)

Being a medical student with biomedical research experience, I was trained in handling various types of machines, tissue samples and even live animals. In my lab internship and team research project, I demonstrated my creativity, strong analytical skills and problem solving ability.

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Catherine TANG (Team 3)

As a fourth year medical student in HK, I was able to witness the remarkable efficiency of Hong Kong’s healthcare system, yet also its limitations in building rapport and communication with patients due to the its high demand. With my limited knowledge and experience in healthcare and programming, I wish to work with a team of passionate people in improving the system.

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Eric FU (Team 4)

Hello, I am Eric. I am a Year 5 medical student from HKU. I have taken a gap year last year for a master degree in Public Health. I hope I can learn more about how technology can be used to facilitate healthcare in Hong Kong and meet a lot of new friends in this event!

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Andrew LI (Team 5)

As a Brown University Bachelor of Science graduate and current 3rd-year medical student, I believe I have the necessary knowledge and skillset to play an active role in revolutionizing healthcare. The medical topics I have studied and my research experiences (biomedical/clinical/computational) have helped me hone my analytical skills, foster a sophisticated understanding of the latest medical developments, and develop a desire to be actively involved in medtech innovation.

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Kin TSANG (Team 6)

I am currently undertaking an intercalated year to pursue a Master of Research (MRes) degree. I have acquired the basic skill set of laboratory works, such as tissue culture or animal experiments. I have completed the 4th year out of my 6-year MBBS curriculum before undertaking such degree, and will go back to continue my MBBS study in the coming academic year.

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Carlo MUI (Team 7)

Final year medical student at the university of Hong Kong currently on a gap year doing a research internship at a cancer center in Taiwan. The research I’m currently involved is on precision medicine for breast cancer patients which involve collection and analysis of big data. I have clinical experience in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada in the inpatient, outpatient and emergency room setting.

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Karin HO (Team 8)

I am a third year medical student at HKU with an enthusiasm for new innovations that can better healthcare for the community. I grew up in New Zealand and moved back to Hong Kong upon my acceptance into medical school, and am subsequently grateful for the international exposure and experience that I can bring to challenges relating to healthcare innovation.

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Michelle CHAN (Team 9)

I am currently a year 6 medical student in HKU. I have participated in different clinical attachments and medical related voluntary works in the past few years. I used to study economics in high school and always love to pursue in both medicine and business, as I enjoy the idea of improving current medical system and inventing new medical devices in helping my patients but not just doing clinical work.

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John HO (Team 10)

Initially trained as an engineer with an undergraduate master degree in engineering, economics and management from Oxford then worked as an investment banking in wall street banks for 3 years upon graduation mostly on IPOs and structured financing before coming back to medical school - now a third year MBBS medical student here in HKU. Involved in basic science research on nanotechnology on wound healing and translational/ commercialisation of researches. Successfully pitched for 5M investment from a HKSTP company to invest in translating research results into wound dressing.

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Frank WANG (Team 1)

I am an entrepreneur with a strong background in medical embedded system design and web development. I previously have designed a medical device for the early detection of pressure ulcers, which obtained CE Class IIa approval and is on sale in Europe. I also have a deep understanding of health IT and methods of integration to get external data into the EMR. I also architected and led a team in implementing a HIPAA compliant health information exchange for advanced care documents that was integrated within Epic, Cerner, PointClickCare EMRs used in health systems throughout the state of California and Oregon.

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Charlotte YUEN (Team 6)

Charlotte has been a speech therapist since 2007. She was fascinated by bringing the knowledge and skills of speech therapy to the society through entrepreneurship. She founded the speech therapy clinic Samlot in 2009, and co-founded another speech therapy training tools production company Yuppies® in 2010. Samlot is now serving 3000+ clients annually, and Yuppies’ products are pervasively adopted in 150+ NGOs, hospitals and universities. Charlotte always has a burning desire to give back to the society. Since Samlot was founded, she initiated the voluntary service scheme “Grateful Heart” to provide speech therapy services to social vulnerable groups in Asian areas including Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong.

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Sergii MOLCHANOV (Team 5)

Business development and marketing professional, having extensive experience of working with business partners to help to expand markets in the USA, Middle East, EU and CIS countries (negotiated and secured distributorship in 20+ countries worldwide), fluent in English, native in Ukrainian and Russian, spent past 4 years in Asia (primarily in China Mainland and Hong Kong), strong presentation skills (member of Toastmasters International - a platform for practicing communication and leadership skills).

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Lawrence CHU (Team 4)

I was graduated from HKU Computer Science in 2011 and currently having my startup company in HKSTP Incubation programme. I am the key software engineer in the team and we build POS and Lightweight ERP for tourism retail industry as well as IT solutions for SMEs in HK. I have been actively involved in the whole product development cycle and our products have been adapted by 10+ SME in the industry.

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Doris CHUN (Team 7)

Doris Chun is a qualified accountant and a graduate of HKU MEICOM and UNSW Master of Commerce. She is a seasonal executive with rich and varied work experience from international accounting firm, financial institution, and utility conglomerate in the areas of operational & system audit; compliance and control; taxation and business consulting services.

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Carlos MA (Team 5)

I am a final year PhD student in Control Engineering at HKU with research interest in robust adaptive controls, sensor fusion, and embedded systems. My latest work involves a modified neural adaptive attitude controller for multicopters, contributing to both theoretical development and practical validations. During the course of my studies, I helped set up the indoor flying laboratory at HKU and am experienced in constructing and coding robotic systems. In addition, my motion tracking project won the 2016 HKU DreamCatchers Entrepreneurship Seed Fund.

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Kevin OSMOND (Team 6)

I worked for Thomson Reuters as a risk consultant for 3 years and serve for the office Jakarta's Governor as his personal aides and consultant in Indonesia. I had my start-up that moving in compliance services in Indonesia to conduct research on risk of doing business as well as market risk and business intelligence. Before that I studied Mechanical Engineering that specializing in design consultant and had several internship related with this as well as product manufacturing. Currently, I'm Master of Finance student advancing in the field of corporate finance which would equipped me with the skill to manage company financially as well as forecast the corporate value and project its profittability.

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Henry SUEN (Team 2)

Suen Chi Hang (Henry) is co-founder of Capheart - an app dedicated to fighting sudden cardiac death. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Henry was a professional actuary (AIAA) working in international insurance corporations.

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Hang Yan CHOI (Team 7)

I am a year 5 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering student studying at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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Cristian COSTOIU (Team 8)

Having worked 2 years as an Aircraft Engineer after graduating with a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, I followed my passion in coding as a Software Developer to build applications that can make the world better.

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Kin AU (Team 8)

With years of experience in machine learning and quantitative research, I am keen on entrepreneurship and proficient in developing machine learning applications such as Robo-advisor. I believe advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology will improve our life quality in the future.

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Hubert LO (Team 9)

I am an entrepreneur passionate about developing startup that brings positive impact to the society. The startup that I recently founded was admitted by PolyU MicroFund and CUHK Pre-incubation centre, aiming to assist local hobbyists to pursue their interest as a career. Another project that I involved in business development had also entered the 20 finalist in the Goodseed social innovation programme which is funded by SIE Fund. I also participated in startup events such as Startup Weekend in Hong Kong and awarded the 1st Runner up – Best Design and Execution price.

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Billy YIP (Team 9)

As a full-stack developer in a fintech company, I have assisted in the projects to revamp legacy admin dashboard with modern design, security and ease of testability in consideration. I have also assisted in developing debit card system on top of blockchain solutions, and building mobile applications based on existing web application code base. Clear understanding of SDLC, web development, design of distributed system, as well as project management with agile methodology.

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Kenneth LUI (Team 10)

I have a solid computer science background with experience including software development in startups as well as research in bioinformatics and healthcare informatics. My most recent role as Clinical Informatics Research Associate at University College London equipped me with in-depth understanding of healthcare system and elements needed to deliver digitalized technology in healthcare settings. Prior to pursuing a master degree at University of Cambridge, I worked for a number of startups in Hong Kong, including the world famous 9GAG. I have a unique combination of health-tech domain knowledge, programming skills and entrepreneurial mindset which makes me a suitable participant.