Hackathon Participants from Stanford

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Justin XU

I'm Justin Xu, a sophomore studying Mathematics and Computational Science at Stanford University. I love problem solving and figuring out how to combine tools in order to solve interesting problems! From solving math problems, to implementing coding architectures, to just solving puzzles, problem solving is just so rewarding. It's a great engineering marvel that we've been able to segment tasks in order to accomplish more than we can ever imagine individually. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, climbing, and playing tennis. I also lead a bible study on campus for other undergraduates.

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Sherman LEUNG

Sherman currently works as a product manager at PatientPing to enable providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care. His past healthcare/product experiences include gamifying medication adherence at Mango Health, streamlining reconstructive knee surgery recovery at Muvr Labs, and developing telemedicine services in Kenya at ConnectHealth. On leave from a master's degree in Computer Science, he holds a BS in Computer Science and MS in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University where he was a KPCB Fellow and a co-founder of health++, TreeHacks Health, and SHIFT.

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Vineeth is a medical student at Columbia finishing up his first year. Along with patient care, he is passionate about physician driven innovation. He believes that medicine is undergoing a period of change and that clinicians have a responsibility to direct that change in ways that always put patients first. He hopes that comparing and contrasting the American and Hong Kong health systems will inspire ideas for such changes. He studied computer science at Stanford where he graduated with distinction and deferred medical school for a year to work as a software engineer for Google Life Sciences.

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I am a doctor from Australia, currently undertaking a masters in biomedical informatics at Stanford as a John Monash Scholar and serving as the Digital Health Fellow for Stanford Medicine X. My interest is in how to operationalize machine learning in clinical workflows - how do we bring informatics to the bedside. I completed a BSc in Physics and medical school at the University of Sydney, followed by a residency in internal medicine at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Have had experience in digital health startups and as an informatics advisor to the Australian Government.

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Seul KU

Kathy is pursuing her medical degree at Stanford University. Prior to starting medical school, Kathy led a social enterprise in Uganda that manufactures and distributes ceramic water filters. Kathy also worked in management consulting during her time at Harvard where she received her bachelor's in Molecular and Cellular Biology and her Master's in Engineering. Her interests still lie in the intersection of engineering, business and medicine. In her free time, Kathy likes to cook copious amounts of food.

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Rosa Hamalainen graduated from Stanford in 2018 with a Bachelors in Product Design Engineering and a concentration in biology. Her past experience has been in user experience design and bioengineering research in medical devices. She is interested in the intersection of healthcare and design, and passionate about improving lives through medical interventions.

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Naveen Srivatsa is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and of Harvard University, where he earned his MBA and his BA respectively. While at Stanford, Naveen participated in the Biodesign innovation course. Prior to Stanford, he was an engagement manager in McKinsey & Company's pharmaceuticals practice. Naveen is originally from New Jersey, USA.

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Neil is a first-year medical student at Stanford. He previously studied biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins where he worked on design projects like a medical tricorder, opioid pill bottle, and Ebola suit. As a Fulbright Scholar in the Netherlands, Neil studied health economics and policy. Now, he works on digital tools for monitoring heart disease and researches cost-effectiveness and health insurance. In his free time, Neil enjoys baking/cooking/eating, exercising (running, playing tennis, and climbing), reading, and playing the piano.

Christine ZHAO

I am a Bioengineering PhD at Stanford and currently in my first year of medical school as part of the Master of Medicine program. My undergraduate background is in biomedical engineering and electrical engineering, with a particular focus in medical imaging. I am passionate about bridging the gap between research and translation into the clinic and hope to work at the intersection of engineering, technology, and medicine.

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Brianna CHRISMAN (Team 10)

I am a first year Bioengineering PhD student at Stanford, and was previously a software engineer. at Google. At Stanford I am in the Wall Lab, which uses bioinformatics approaches to study the genetic basis of autism and to improve diagnoses. In general, I am interested in digital and mobile health, and using data science and machine learning to assist and improve efficiency of medical diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Hackathon Participants from SJTU, Shanghai

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I am a Pakistani citizen and presently studying in SJTU as a PhD student with major in Biomedical Engineering. I did Pharm. D and Masters in Pharmacy from University of the Punjab, Pakistan. I have more than 4 year experience in pharmaceutical industry and hospital. My research interests are development of drug delivery systems, tissue engineering for degenerative disorders as well as designing models for effective and safe use medicines in hospitals.

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My name is Liu Fan. I finished my bachelor degree at Northwest A&F University, majoring in biotechnology. Now, I am a second-year graduate student at the School of Life Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University. My postgraduate research field is about the direction of small molecule inhibitors, mainly study the molecular inhibitors targeted enzyme. In my professional field, I have mastered technologies such as molecular cloning, etc. Besides, in my spare time, I like fitness. Running is my required course every week. Now I have a chance to study here one week, I will strain every nerve to fulfil my work.

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I am a girl from Chongqing and I have studied in East China Normal University for 4 years where I got my Bachelor's degree. During my college, I studied hard and also did some researches about immunology using Molecular Biotechnology. At the same time, I joined a club whose aim is to learn and protect animals, especially the birds. After college, I got the offer from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and now, I am a first-year graduate student in College of life science and technology in our school, studying in immunology. I am really happy to have this chance to meet you in Hong Kong University.

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My name is Zhang Ni, and I studied at Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University. Now I am studying in the school of biomedical engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, majoring in system biomedicine. I am a direct student in grade one. My supervisor is associate professor Li Xiaowei.

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Shounan LIU

I am a sophomore in Shanghai Jiaotong University ,School of Pharmacy.and now studying in the yuhong Xu's lab SJTU, and doing some research on liposome drug delivery system. I have a wealth of pharmacy knowledge system to do the basis for pharmaceutical frontier and trends have some understanding, good at analysis and lessons learned; I am cheerful personality, work hard, dare to endure hardship, easy to get along, the team strong sense of honor.

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Sikai LING

My name is Ling Sikai, born in December 21th, 1991, my hometown is Linyi, Shandong. I am now studying in Shanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University. My project is biology. In extracurricular time I like jogging and traveling. Now I am proud to participate in DreamCatchers MedTech Hackathon Hong Kong 2018 with the permission of the school.

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Siwen ZHU

Siwen Zhu is a master degree candidate in school of pharmacy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Her research is about the establishment and optimization for the preparation of 3d printing microneedles and its application in phase-transition microneedles. She is participating in the design and manufacturing of the specialized 3D printing device for the fabrication of microneedles. She used to be the vise-president of Unilever Elite Club of SJTU and organize club members holding a series of activities together with Unilever Corporation.

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Xiaodan WANG

My name is Xiaodan Wang. I study at Nano photonics lab now and focus on plasmon- enhanced Raman spectroscopy. This is my third year of PHD degree in UM-SJTU. I am willing to do creative things. I joined the Hackthon hold by Microsoft before and the process of thinking and solving problems fascinates me. My goal is to be an all- round developed leader so I try to train my skills in different aspects. I like to communicate with others and form an efficient team. Hope to have a memorable experience in Hong Kong!

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My name is Chen Xin, a master student whose major is electronic science and technology.
I have a good sense of mathematics and be professional in optics, physics related subjects, programming and data analysis. My initial interest is integrating optics and other physics technique with traditional medical device and opening a brand new way to improving medical diagnosis.

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Yaoyao LIANG

IMy name is Yaoyao Liang, a second-year doctor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I am majored in Pharmaceutics in School of Pharmacy. To broaden horizon and know the world, I like reading in depth and forming my own cognition. Besides, walking is my favorite sports.

As an outgoing girl, I like discussing and making friends with others. I am a cooperative, responsible and hard-working person with the capability of finding and solving problems and being brave to accept challenges.

Hackathon Participants from Hong Kong

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Barry Ka Yu CHAN

'A novice movie lover and a 70s oldies music enthusiast, who enjoys (but often fails in) searching for the meaning and mechanisms of things. He is now struggling with the final years of his medical degree and hopefully he can graduate on time and continue his quest for new technology and a better world.'

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Cynthia LAM

Cynthia is a human rights and health advocate and young social innovator who has a startup named Pay It Forward, which is a new way to transform mobility and power communities, one favour at a time. Her team launched MVP, wrote the App, implemented Beta, and received sponsorship and mentorship from serial and experienced social entrepreneurs and impact investors within 5 months. Cynthia is also the former president of Asian Medical Students' Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK). She has been advocating for public health and human rights, specifically on disabilities and rare diseases since her entry to medical school.

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Evelyn CHAN

Hi! I am Evelyn Chan, a Year 2 medical student studying at HKU. I have recently gained an interest in social innovation and entrepreneurship, and I aspire to become a future medical practitioner who strives to solve existing healthcare problems through innovative and empathic design. I hope that this programme will inspire me and equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue this dream!

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Gordon Chu

Hi guys! I'm Gordon, a final year medical student studying at HKU. I enjoy singing and playing FIFA in my spare time. It's my very first time participating in a hackathon and I'm super excited to be a part of this event. Can't wait to meet everyone and learn more about the tech field!

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Charlene CHAU

I am Charlene, a third-year medical student at HKU. I am absolutely thrilled to be part of MedTech Hackathon 2018, and to meet like-minded individuals who are keen to revolutionise and personalise Hong Kong healthcare. Having studied in the UK for five years and having had several medical placements there, I hope to incorporate those experiences, alongside my medical knowledge, to the team.

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Yalsin Yik Sum LI

I am a third-year medical student with a passion for using technology to advance healthcare. My major exposures in technology include mobile full-stack development, machine learning and decentralised systems. I co-founded 2 social tech start-ups aiming at promoting mental health awareness and education inequality respectively, which both secured funding from sources like the SIE Fund. Recently, I also presented a decentralised medical solution prototype at the International Student Blockchain Competition by HKBCS and got champion. I hope to bridge my IT and medical knowledge in ways that can progress healthcare.

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Sabrina WONG

I am a Year 5 medical student studying in the HKU. Human rights and public health issues are my field of interest. Rejecting the academic philosophy of our society forcing us to be defined by a specific title or a particular field of knowledge, I consider myself to be the jack of all trades but master of none - I aspire to be a luster for life, an ambitious addict and an amateur humanitarian worker. Empathy, humanity and equality are values that I treasure dearly. To me, life is a never ending piece of art as a learner, and also as a change maker. Being able to see through injustices and wrongdoings of the system is not enough, creating new possibilities and making the world a more bearable place to live in is, I believe, our true moral responsibility as human beings and this is what I am constantly learning and what I am striving hard to achieve.

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Vernice CHAN

I am a second year medical student at HKU who recently gained interest in the potential for technology to transform healthcare after a service trip to India, during which I learned of an inspiring local project to improve antenatal care in rural villages using culturally appropriate, simple yet effective solutions. Through the Hackathon, I hope to collaborate with and be further inspired by fellow participants to design innovative solutions to meeting healthcare needs in our local context.

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Yuki IP

I am a medical student with a passion in human rights advocacy, health policies, and social innovations. I had experience working at UNICEF and Crossroads Foundation, where I organized campaigns promoting children rights and ethnic minority education, and carried out analysis on humanitarian aid projects.

In fact, it is during my work with marginalized groups, such as refugees and homeless people, that I was inspired to explore different means of driving social changes and making resources accessible to all - social entrepreneurship is definitely one of them. I look forward to channeling my medical education to transform policies and practices conducive to the improvement of living conditions and quality of life among underprivileged groups.

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Karfield Ka Fai CHAN

II am currently a dental student in The University of Hong Kong. After graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Medical Laboratory Science, I worked as a Laboratory Scientist in the Hematology laboratory in a local hospital for a year and then continued my study in Dentistry in HKU. My main interest is applying 3D-printing technology into customizing health devices like dental implants and surgical guiding tools to best fit the patient. I am also interested in the non-invasive real-time monitoring of bio-markers. I believe everyone have a potential to make the world a better place.

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A 2nd year PhD student of Dental Faculty, The University of Hong Kong. Born in Russia and graduated dental faculty of Tver State Medical Academy. Worked with patients for 1,5 years before entering a postgraduate program at HKU. Specializing in digital biomaterials, my interest involves CAD/CAM technologies, portable electronic sensors for data collection and robotics in the field of dentistry.

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Yiming LI

Ph.D. student in bioinformatics at the University of Hong Kong. (Chaotic) Neutral. Libertarian. Enjoys tsukemen and alternative rock. Familiar with certain dirty work in torturing big omics data.

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I design digital product and user experience, and an enthusiastic HKU master student in eCommerce and Internet Computing. I learn to code on my own and use JS to realize my design. In my spare time, I read books and like to travel.

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Ernie Szeto

Hello! My name is Ernie.

I like cooking. It is instantly rewarding - a grand celebration of elevated flavor. It is also my greatest teacher nailing my life with passion, creativity, perseverance, grief and willingness.

I graduated with a degree in Biotechnology at HKU and had a wonderful journey in the medical industry. I am currently pursuing a Master degree in eCommerce & Internet Computing at HKU while operating a health education venture.

P.S Aha! I am street smart rather than book smart; indeed, I prefer eating to cooking!

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Abby Yuchen TANG

Tang Yuchen, graduated from Detection Guidance and control technology in Northwestern Polytechnical University, now in EEE department of The University of Hong Kong for the master degree, having project experiences in developing wearable device, interested in modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and medical interactive enhancement.

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Haimi QIU

Haimi QIU received the B. Eng. degree in microelectronics from the Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou, China, in 2015. In 2015, she joined the China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute, Guangzhou, China, where she served as a Research Associate of the Science and Technology on Reliability Physics and Application of Electronic Component Laboratory, Guangzhou, China. She is currently a first-year Ph.D. student with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Her research interests include signal integrity, power integrity, electromagnetic compatibility, and electromagnetic interference.

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Chak Sum HO

A graduating biomedical sciences major at HKU with a final year project focusing on the loading and release of antibiotics from a 3D printed hybrid bone scaffold. Also have experience in working in several start ups as business development and marketing positions.

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William Chi Wut WONG

Hello, My name is William Wong. I studied Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Hong Kong and graduated last year. Currently, I am a research assistant in Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, HKU. I have more than 3 years independent research experiences. My primary research interest is dissecting the relationship between obesity and cancer. I am experienced with various skills, ranging from bench experiments, animal studies, bioinformatics and cell engineering. Throughout the MedTech Hackathon HK, I keen to translate and transform the knowledge in the scientific fields into real-life applications.

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Johnny Ka Yip LO

Halo, I am Johnny Lo, Hong Kong registered Physiotherapist. I am interested in medtech and business. Hope the DreamCatchers MedTech Hackathon can inspire me in creating new medtech. I am looking forward to working collaboratively with other profession and learn more about in medtech and business.

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Arthur YAU

CUHK Computer Science undergraduate student who have hand-on experience on web development, 3D printing, Arduino, AR, VR and machine learning since I am a high school student to senior college student. I am enthusiastic on automation and technology make human more convenience. I did serval self-initial project before like pill dispenser for notificating elderly eating pill, social platform for college student organizing activity and computer vision related voice assistant for visual impaired people to know more about the visual world.

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My name is Chen Ling and my pen name is Dong Fang Ling Yu. I am a graduate student in mechanical materials engineering. In my school life, I like to participate in various activities and develop my own skills, especially my hands-on ability. And in spare time, I like reading books, archery, water and underwater sports, hiking and singing. I hope to meet more friends and experience interesting contests at this event.

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Gavin LOU

I'm Gavin Lou and I graduated from King's College London in Biomedical Science back in 2015. Currently I'm a factory manager in Dongguan. I will be studying Biomedical Engineering in CUHK this coming Fall. I believe there are many misconceptions in the healthcare industry which prevents the industry to move forward efficiently. Joining the MedTech Hackathon enables me to disrupt the status quo in the industry without obtaining neither a M.D. nor a Ph.D. I'm ready to make my mark in the healthcare industry and I hope you are ready too.

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Erica On Ting CHAN

I am Erica, now in the final year of CUHK medicine. Having a team of mates from different fields worked together to come up with a solution to the problem we have in the medical practice is a cool idea. I am excited to learn from everyone with various backgrounds and to explore how a doctor would help patients through cross-field collaborations, technology and innovations to enhance the medical care and practice in long run. I am also a curious person. Besides exploring the possibilities in medical field, I also like exploring countries, mountains, my limits and the world.

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Hubert LO

I am an entrepreneur passionate about developing startups to bring positive impact to the society. I had years of experience in project management and founded a startup which aims to assist local hobbyists to pursue their interest as a career. I also had been involving in business development for a social enterprise startup and an e-commerce startup.

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Nathan Tin Ho HUI

Graduating in Applied Biology and Biotechnology, I have some basic knowledge on healthcare technology. Working experience in pharmaceutical industry equips me with medical knowledge, especially on geriatrics & psychiatry, and good relationship with doctors and key opinion leaders in the profession. Currently, I am leading a project on dementia which is incubated by Hong Kong Science Park.

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Ray Wong is a healthcare and blockchain enthusiast. He is the former Director and Head of Corporate Finance at Chiho Environmental (976.HK), a leading global environmental company. He is also experienced in banking at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. Academically, he possesses an MBA degree from Cornell University, as well as bachelor degree in biomedical engineering and master's degrees in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. If you don't find him on land, he's probably leading a dragonboat team in the sea.

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Rui Lam is trained as a mechanical engineer and has had eight years of Research and Development (R&D) and Manufacturing experience in medical device industry. His experience primarily focused on designing and developing coronary stents for treating coronary heart diseases. He would like to catch this opportunity offered in DreamCatchers MedTech Hackathon HK to learn Stanford Biodesign methodologies on identifying unmet medical needs and focusing on those that align with his expertise, and more importantly, to meet new friends and talented minds who share similar interest.

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Edward Ka Hei HUI

I am Hui Ka Hei, a year 3 Computer Science student from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am pleasure to join the MedTech Hackathon HK. I am currently doing different projects related to computer vision and object detection and hoped that these new techniques could be applied to various real-life situation. I hope to take this chance to get some inspirations from this Hackathon and create something having impact to society.

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Michael NOVAL

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. Neuroscience PhD from the University of Western Ontario. Post-doc in Biomedical Engineering Department at Duke University. Clinical Research Manager in Psychiatry Department at Duke University Medical Centre. Biomedical device experience with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, and Electroencephalography. Currently TMS Director at Central Health Medical Centre, and enrolled in MBA Program at HKUST. Likes hockey, post-rock, and Canadian beer.

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Ken Tsz Fung LEE

Hello, nice to meet you all. My name is Lee Tsz Fung, Ken. I am very glad to be selected to join this meaningful DreamCatchers MedTech Hackathon HK event this year. Graduated with my BSc and Mphil. degrees in Biochemistry in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I possess strong knowledge in biotechnology, and I am also experienced in biological research. Right now, I am a researcher of a biotechnology company in HKSTP. Meanwhile, I am a person with whom different people can easily get along because I am delighted to meet friends with different backgrounds and share knowledge with all of you. Looking forward to working with you all in this event to develop a viable and innovative solution to current medical problems.

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Abraham Tak Ka MAN

My name is Abraham Man Tak Ka! I did my bachelor in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and master in Biotechnology at the HKUST. I spent a summer time in the Queen Mary Hospital ENT Clinics and Operating Theatres. I have accumulated some revolutionary ideas in mind and I am so eager to make it come true for the benefits of mankind. My motto which constantly drives myself is "Whatever is rightly done, however humble is noble."

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Pauline CHOW

Hi I am Pauline Chow, a final year medical student from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have always been interested in both medicine and business. This MedTech hackathon would be the perfect opportunity for me to explore my interests and meet like-minded people. In my spare time, I love to workout/ jog, read, and paint. I'm a person with great curiosity and am always eager to learn something new.

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Jinjalu KIM

I am Kim, studying in the Hong Kong polytechnic university. My major is multimedia and entertainment technology and I am proficient in using design software.

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I am a CUHK Biomedical Engineering graduate. I like biomedically innovated science a lot and wish to be able to contribute in medical field by finding out the needs of the frontlines, and applying the knowledge I have learnt anywhere anytime. I am good at observation and brainstorming at something I am totally interested in. I always believe that it's not I can't, but I have not learnt yet. :)