Each TEAM in the DreamCatchers MedTech Hackathon comes up with a clear need statement for an unmet need in under the theme of "Enabling Medical Care Outside the Hospital". They then apply what they have learned in the Hackathon to create an innovative solution to address the unmet needs, which will be presented at the Final Pitch on 25 June 2017 (Sunday).

TEAM 1 : HeartStream (Cardiology)

A way to prevent fluid overload in recently discharges CHF patients to reduce 30 day readmissions.
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TEAM 2 : CATHcare (Haematology)

Away to enable chemo patients to maintain their catheters themselves to minimize their dependence on home care nurses.
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TEAM 3 : AirBrace (Neurology)

A way to decrease impact incurred from outdoor falls in patients with motor dysfunction (e.g. parkinson's, cerebellar stroke) to decrease possible damage.
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TEAM 4 : EasyMove (Orthopaedic)

A low-effort and safe way to transfer patients with hemiplegia between bed and wheelchair to reduce the incidence of low back pain in healthcare professionals and caregivers.
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TEAM 5 : femove (Haematology)

A way to improve the comfort and mobility of patients on iron chelation therapy in order to increase medication compliance.
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TEAM 6 : Xvisor (Radiology)

A way to increase the sensitivity and efficiency of the x-ray interpretation process for medical professionals to evaluate more patients while minimising human error.
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TEAM 7 : d.eye (Oncology)

A way for early identification of pathogens in at home long-term kidney catheter patients in order to reduce frequency of catheter related infections.
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TEAM 8 : EyeCare (Ophthalmology)

A way to improve eyelid hygiene in patients with evaporative dry eye disease to significantly reduce eye discomfort and inflammation.
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TEAM 9 : CardGuard (Cardiology)

A way to detect hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in asymptomatic kids to prevent sudden death.
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TEAM 10 : p.o.t (Orthopaedic)

A way to improve repositioning rate in bedbound patients to decrease incidence of pressure ulcers.
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