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DreamCatchers MedTech Hackathon Hong Kong 2018 is a one-week event to demystify the process of healthcare innovation. Students from Stanford University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Hong Kong universities, and young professionals from HKSTP will work in collaborative teams to prototype MedTech solutions for today’s unmet healthcare needs.
You will be joining us to celebrate the hard work of our 60 participants, who have spent the week ideating, building with design thinking, and hacking some interesting MedTech prototypes, as they make their final pitch.
Date: 30 June, 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00–13:00
Venue: Charles K. Kao Auditorium, Hong Kong Science Park
Online registration : Please click HERE

Judging Criteria

1. Conceptual Design Approach (25%):
-Ability to articulate targeted pain point(s) around problem space and how conceptual designs address these
-Clearly defined use case that matches articulated pain points for problem space.
Use personas for problem definition and proposed solution
-Business model/scalability/distribution

2. Technical Feasibility (25%):
Feasibility of implementation
-Solution provided is technically sound
-Plans for a Beta version are clearly laid out

3. Creativity and Newness of the Idea (25%):
-The creativeness of bringing patients and providers closer -to create better interactions at the diagnosis stage and ensure engagement in treatment and management phase.
-Did quick Google search to see if idea was new

4. Level of completeness (25%)
Prototype development stage and Presentation:
-Specific delivery and efforts put in place in the two days of the hackathon.

Pitch Preparation
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