The Projects will be selected from the following unmet needs identified:

Need 1: (Neurology)
A way to improve on-time completion of post stroke rehabilitation after hospital discharge in order to help patients regain lost physical and/or speech dysfunction more rapidly.

Group 1
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Need 2: (OB/GYN)
A way to educate women about the use of contraception in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy

Group 3
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Need 3: (Orthopedics)
A way to detect and prevent falls in elderly patients in order to reduce morbidity from hip fractures.

Group 2
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Need 4: (Ophthalmology)
A way for parents to detect and slow refractive errors in their children in order to reduce myopic progression.

Group 8
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Need 5: (Oncology)
A way for oncologists and patients to use connected online tools to share cancer diagnostic and therapeutic data privately in aggregate to improve precision medicine for specific types of cancers.

Group 4
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Need 6: (Microbiology)
A way for parents to determine if their child has an urgent illness or a typical cold in order to aid remote assessments of illness severity

Group 6
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Need 7: (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)
A way to remind patients on bowel preparation and dietary restriction prior to colonoscopy in order to ensure the quality of colonscopy and prevent the repeat procedure.

Group 7
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Need 8: (Nephrology)
A way to prevent the hypertension/diabetic patients getting chronic kidney disease in order to reduce the burden of hemodialysis in the hospital.

Group 5
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