This section of the website is a list of the prototyping electronic resources made readily available to the Hackathon teams. In case any team are sufficiently advance in their prototyping that they need electronic resources, they may find the resource useful. The purpose is to reduce the delay in sourcing such components, which may be difficult locally in Hong Kong. Purchase online may take 1-2 days if not available locally. Given the limited time available for prototyping, it is unlikely that a very sophisticated function prototype is possible, but the resources are available to allow technical feasibility test if that is needed.

A few Basic Arduino Packages with the following components are available for teams to use as needed:

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In addition, the following special additional resources are also made available on-site. It falls into following collections: Raspberry Pi Series, Arduino Series, Sensors Series, TI SensorTag Series, PyCom and PyBoard IoT Series, Photon IoT Series. In addition, you may use various 3D printers available in the Robotic Lab and also the Voltera printer for printing PCB if needed.

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ItemDescriptionQtyUnit USD
E-001Raspberry Pi 3 Model B SBC340.00
E-002Raspberry Pi NiNoir Camera Module V2129.20
E-003Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2129.20
E-004Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen LCD173.83
E-005Raspberry Pi Case (Black)28.50
E-006Raspberry Pi 3 Case (Red)18.50
E-007HC-SR501 Infra-Red Sensor19.98
E-008Arduino UNO Sensor Shield V5.019.50
E-009Arduino MINI PRO 5V SBC16.99
E-0109V1A PSU for Arduino Uno MEGA26.04
E-011GY-521 MPU-6050 Gyro Module12.81
E-012Arduino MEGA Sensor Shield V2.029.99
E-013Arduino Leonardo R3 SBC19.99
E-014Arduino MEGA2560 R3 SBC211.99
E-015Arduino Prototype Mini Module25.49
E-016Arduino Nano V3.0 16.99
E-017Arduino UNO Sensor Shield V4.016.26
E-018Arduino HC-06 Bluetooth Module27.99
E-019ov7670 camera iwht AL422 FIFO220.22
E-020MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide gas sensor27.99
E-021GP2Y1010AU0F Optical Dust Sensor 28.78
E-022SR04T ultrasound distance Sensor215.39
E-023HX711 pressure sensor26.99
E-024NTC 100K 3950 themister51.99
E-025SW-18010P motion sensor24.99
E-026DHT22 digital themometer29.99
E-027PH sensor125.99
E-02837 sensors collection* (price for each)21.50
E-029CC2650STK-SimpleLink Bluetooth SensorTag229.00
E-030SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad129.99
E-031SimpleLink SensorTag Debugger DevPack115.00
E-032TI-LED Audio DevPack119.00
E-033TI Watch DevPack219.00
E-034TM4C1294 Connected LaunchPad119.99
List of Additional Electronic Resources